Spearfishing Tips & Tricks: The 4 Best Techniques

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The current trend in lifestyle change is going back to the beginning. I’m not talking about the 1970’s, I’m talking about caveman days. If you have been paying attention to the new diet trends, one of the growing ones is called primal. The primal lifestyle consists of mimicking what people did back in the day without agriculture to support them and without much technology. In fact, one diet method that is growing is called Intermittent Fasting. Basically, you fast for the first 16-20 hours of the day, and then eat all your day’s calories within a 4-8 hour window. This imitates the pre-agriculture days when humans had to go and hunt or search for their food daily. You didn’t have food just sitting in a refrigerator. So to get with the trends, I want to discuss an age-old angling tool: the spear.


What is Spearfishing?

Spearfishing Gun from JBL (Click for reviews)

Spearfishing is a really fun sport that requires a lot of practice to build your skills. If you like hunting and fishing, this is a sport that brings together those two sports. Generally, you use a spearfishing gun, such as the Spearfishing Speargun from JBL, which is essentially a bow and arrow type of device. While there are people who enjoy spearing fish from the surface, the sport of spearfishing is usually done as a diving sport. Here are some techniques to keep in mind when spearfishing.

Technique #1: Be Stealthy

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but there aren’t many creatures in the ocean that are shaped like humans. Because of this, you have to take advantage of

Embrace Your Inner Ninja

the fact that fish do not sense slow motions well. If you aren’t familiar with the body of a fish, they have something called the Lateral Line, which helps

them sense vibrations in the water. This means that when you are moving, you want to move slowly and smoothly. Any quick jerking motions will scare the fish away. Embrace your inner ninja.


Technique #2: Use a weight belt

Your body usually wants to float. Because of this, you need to turn your body upside down so that your legs are point toward the surface. From the point you’re at the surface to when you are at the bottom, you need to remember Technique #1. If you are moving and kicking your legs a whole bunch, you will scare the fish away before you even get to them.

To make it easier to get around, you can use a weight belt, such as the Adjustable Weight Belt from B-Square. This works like an anchor, because it pulls you toward the bottom. This is especially useful when you are wearing a wet suit (here is one that is cheap and high quality), because wet suits have no hanging parts that help you sink. Also, when using the crawl technique, which is outlined below, it helps to have a weight belt.


Technique #3: Crawl

Crawling is a technique which employs the above techniques. It is exactly what it sounds like – you crawl on the ocean floor. But because your body has a natural want to be buoyant, you need to wear a weight belt. This helps you stay at the bottom of the water without kicking your legs, thus increasing your stealth effect.

When you crawl, use your hands. Your hands are better able to maneuver without causing too much motion in the water. You can grab onto rocks or plants to move around. Be careful about plants that may have sharp edges. Crawling can be challenging because you are basically carrying the spearfishing gun in one hand and crawling with the other.

When crawling, be sure not to let your weight belt rattle against the bottom floor, scaring fish away. Also, be as careful as you can when resting your legs on the floor. There are times where the sweat suit will rip, causing an injury to you and scaring the fish away.


Technique #4: Slowly Shoot, Quickly Snatch

Finally, you shoot. Everything that you do up until this point should be done smoothly and slowly, so as to not scare the fish away. Pretend you are a character in a movie and moving in slow motion. It should be that slow. Once you get your gun into place (slowly, of course) and shoot, act quickly. You should grab the fish quickly and head to the surface. At the surface, quickly and humanely unhook the fish.



This is just one of many methods of fishing. As technology improves, new fishing techniques will be formed. Fishing is more of a sport than a necessity, so remember to have fun. If you are more of the traditional person and want to fish the old-fashioned way from a boat or pier, then here are some recommendations for the best fishing rod for you. I talk about how to find the top fishing rod, how to find fish in the water, and what types of rods are best for what conditions. Good luck and be safe!


Dustin also writes about health at Strong Bastard Project and folding bicycles at Foldable Cycle.

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Dustin also writes about health at Strong Bastard Project and folding bicycles at Foldable Cycle.