Shakespeare Ugly Stik Tiger Lite Jigging Fishing Rod Review

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Product Review

shakespeare tiger lite

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With the many techniques that we have developed over the years for fishing, from simple hooked worms to extravagant fly fishing, one that stands out as being especially effective is the jigging technique. Basically, a jig is a special kind of fishing lure that contains a sinker made of lead. The body of the jig is covered by a softer body to lure fish in. The point of the jig is to create a “jigging” motion, where the lure goes up and down, thus attracting the fish. Compared to the spinning rods, which slice lures through the water in a somewhat unnatural way, the jig mimics the motion of a real live creature. The lead sinker is used to help the lure go to the bottom, where jigging is mostly used.

A popular fishing rod used for jigging comes from Shakespeare. Made in one piece, which is perfect because fishermen need to sense the deep bites, the Shakespeare Extra Heavy Action Ugly Stik Tiger Lite Jigging Rod is ideal for jigging. Available at 5-feet and 6-feet lengths, the rod is strong and sensitive. The rod blank was built using the Howald Process Triple Built technology, which is a composite material that makes good use of graphite for strength and sensitivity. The reel (not included) sits on a graphite seat with stainless steel hoods. With the long EVA split grips, this rod does a great job of making sure that you catch those bottom dwellers.

I would recommend using this rod for catching the bottom fish, the ones that are large and will try to break weaker rods. Get the shorter 5-foot rod for even more strength. A great combination reel for this rod is the Abu Garcia Big Game 9000i, a Wright & McGill Sabalos 6000, or the Penn 320GT. A sturdy rod that is great for boat fishing, I would highly recommend this rod. This is a rod that is not built for beauty, but for performance. If you want a rod that is strong and will work, then settle with this one.


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Company Mini-History

The Shakespeare fishing tackle company, started in 1896 by William Shakespeare, Jr. (no relation to the famous poet of the late 1500’s), was a testament to what keeps humans moving forward. Being a serious fisherman and natural problem-solver, Shakespeare built an instrument that helped him wind the fishing line evenly onto the spool. This has become an industry standard, helping to prevent tangles in the reel. This careful detail in design and function is one of the things that inspired their earlier slogan, “Built Like A Watch”.

Beginning with the production of reels, the company expanded their reach by acquiring Pflueger, another well-known fishing company that expanded their product line to include rods that are made for beginners and fishing enthusiasts alike. Within the last decade, the company released their Synergy Titanium series, which is comfortable and focuses on design. They also produce a very popular children’s fishing kit, containing cartoon characters such as Barbie, Scooby Doo, and Looney Toons. Being aesthetically pleasing and functional is what defines Shakespeare rods.


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Dustin also writes about health at Strong Bastard Project and folding bicycles at Foldable Cycle.

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Dustin also writes about health at Strong Bastard Project and folding bicycles at Foldable Cycle.