Okuma Tundra Surf Glass Spinning Rod Review

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Okuma Tundra Surf Fod

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Product Review

The Okuma Tundra Surf Glass Spinning Rod (without reel) is built from heavy-duty fiber glass, making a strong blank. This is one of the few rods that are made of fiber glass, which is a material that is quite flexible and durable. While graphite rods are more stiff in comparison, fiber glass rods will give you a larger range of movement. The downside of fiberglass rods is that they are less sensitive than graphite. Some people prefer fiber glass rods for trolling or downriggers, in which the rod is under constant pressure and doesn’t require sensitivity.

The rod makes use of ceramic guides to direct your line up the fishing rod. It has a stainless steel hooded reel seat to carry your reel of choice. At 7 feet and longer, this rod is great for trolling on the boat. Trolling is when rods are mounted on the back of the boat and a lure is dragged along. The Tundra Surf rod is also great for surf and pier fishing. Surf fishing is casting from the beach, which requires long casts. Because of the length of this rod, this is actually what the rod was designed to do. Due to the fiberglass material, this rod is made for larger fish that will put a lot of pressure on the rod. For a strong handle, the rod comes with EVA foam grips split into the rear and fore handle. On the bottom of the rod is a tough rubber butt cap to push against your body when you are fighting fish. Butt caps are usually used for leverage.


Okuma tundra spinning surf

Click on picture for reviews, ratings, and purchase on Amazon.com


Although the rod is made of fiberglass, Okuma has created a rod that is well-balanced, making it feel lighter than it is. The weight of rods nowadays is somewhat of an issue, but it is not as important as the balance. If the rod is balanced well, it will feel light.

I would recommend this rod for ocean fishing, especially Stripers, and also works for freshwater fish such as catfish, One issue that is reported for this rod is that breaking down the rod into its separate parts is difficult. It is suggested that you sand the male ends of the separate sections to make it easier to remove. Do not sand too much, as it with not be as stable. This rod is a favorite among anglers, with a rating of 4-stars on amazon out of 72 reviews. A great product that you will be happy with. And starting at $25.67, it’s quite hard to beat. Okuma keeps on impressing more and more each year of its fishing tackle production.


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Company Mini-History

The Okuma Fishing tackle company was established in 1987. A relatively new company in the fishing industry, it was started in Taiwan by Chang Liang-ren after a friend showed him the spinning reel. It was easy for him to understand that the key to Okuma’s success as a company was technology. Thus, he invested in a Research and Development center based in Germany.

The constant leaps in technological advancement in the fishing tackle industry has made Okuma one of the top producers of fishing tackle in the industry. In fact, Okuma is the No. 1 manufacturer of fishing tackle (in volume). The company sponsors great fishermen, including the likes of Mark Romanack, Scott Martin, as well as the fishing show Into the BlueDue to their investment in technology, they remain at the top of the fishing world.


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Dustin also writes about health at Strong Bastard Project and folding bicycles at Foldable Cycle.

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Dustin also writes about health at Strong Bastard Project and folding bicycles at Foldable Cycle.