Okuma NOMAD Travel Spinning Rod Review

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Product Review

Travel rods are normally bought for the anglers that love to travel and fish. Hikers who are anglers also purchase these travel edition rods for their convenience value. It’s difficult to find a travel rod that feels like a one-piece rod, but has the convenience of a travel rod. When observing the fishing tackle market, it seems as if these two ideals are mutually exclusive. Not anymore.

The Okuma NOMAD Travel spinning rod is the seamless combination of convenience and quality. Sitting inside a carbon outer wrap is the graphite rod blank core. The key benefits of graphite rods are the durability, sensitivity, and lightness. At 7 feet, this rod breaks down into three separate parts that are approximately 28 inches each. They hold together and come apart easily with the rubber ferrule grip connection structure. This is perfect for luggage and hiking backpacks. Of course, adding to the durability of this rod are the stainless steel guides and anodized aluminum reel seats.

While it is in fact a travel rod, you may find the quality and convenience of this rod to be all that you need. With the interchangeable rod tips, this fishing rod is versatile. Even at its higher price range, it is worth every penny. It offers convenience with high quality construction and material. One could not ask for more out of this rod. Of course, it also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts a lifetime.

I am usually an advocate of purchasing lower priced rods and rotating them, but this rod offers such a high quality that the old saying actually applies: “You get what you pay for.” This rod is superior to most rods in its price range.


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Company Mini-History

The Okuma Fishing tackle company was established in 1987. A relatively new company in the fishing industry, it was started in Taiwan by Chang Liang-ren after a friend showed him the spinning reel. It was easy for him to understand that the key to Okuma’s success as a company was technology. Thus, he invested in a Research and Development center based in Germany.

The constant leaps in technological advancement in the fishing tackle industry has made Okuma one of the top producers of fishing tackle in the industry. In fact, Okuma is the No. 1 manufacturer of fishing tackle (in volume). The company sponsors great fishermen, including the likes of Mark Romanack, Scott Martin, as well as the fishing show Into the Blue. Due to their investment in technology, they remain at the top of the fishing world.


Dustin also writes about health at Strong Bastard Project and folding bicycles at Foldable Cycle.

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Dustin also writes about health at Strong Bastard Project and folding bicycles at Foldable Cycle.