Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rod/Reel Review

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Okuma Longitude

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Product Review

The Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rod, which is available at lengths from 9 to 12-ft, consists of a graphite composite core and stainless guides to hold your line. Because of its length and material, it is perfect for fishing from the bank. You’re going to cast far with this one to reach those larger fish that feed at the deep end. And with the strong backbone of this product, you’ll be able to play those fish well (and win in the end).

While the rod is pretty long, it breaks down into two pieces, which is helpful for storage and transportation. The rod comes with the standard cork handle, which feels awesome on the grip. Due to the length and material, the Okuma Longitude Rod is a bit heavy, but it is well-balanced. This reduces the strain when casting and fighting. Another benefit of the graphite material is that it is strong, but also flexible.

It has a relatively fast action, which helps with sensing the big fish, which it’s made for. Amazingly enough, the action also helps sense the smaller fish (even as light as 1-lb catches). The only downfall is that because of the size of the rod, it requires a heavy reel. This adds onto the already heavy rod. Make sure you can do a few bicep curls before you take this one out.

Overall, this rod is great for fishing on the beach and large rivers. It is tough and will withstand many fights. You can feel the strength in the body, especially when you are reeling a large one in. For the price, you won’t regret this purchase. It’s a great one to add to your collection.


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Company Mini-History

The Okuma Fishing tackle company was established in 1987. A relatively new company in the fishing industry, it was started in Taiwan by Chang Liang-ren after a friend showed him the spinning reel. It was easy for him to understand that the key to Okuma’s success as a company was technology. Thus, he invested in a Research and Development center based in Germany.

The constant leaps in technological advancement in the fishing tackle industry has made Okuma one of the top producers of fishing tackle in the industry. In fact, Okuma is the No. 1 manufacturer of fishing tackle (in volume). The company sponsors great fishermen, including the likes of Mark Romanack, Scott Martin, as well as the fishing show Into the Blue. Due to their investment in technology, they remain at the top of the fishing world.




Dustin also writes about health at Strong Bastard Project and folding bicycles at Foldable Cycle.

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Dustin also writes about health at Strong Bastard Project and folding bicycles at Foldable Cycle.